What is Travel Baseball and is it Right for my Child?

As travel baseball tryouts approach, in early January, we wanted to reach out to everyone with some information about Travel Baseball to make sure everyone knows about our travel program, and what we, as an organization, expect from it.

Travel baseball represents a more challenging and advanced level of play in comparison to the in-house program. The goal of the program is to offer a competitive level of baseball while not losing focus on the fact that baseball is a game and is supposed to be fun. Playing travel baseball is an excellent opportunity to further develop the talents of all the players on the team through team training and competition. Games are played against teams from other local communities such as Doylestown, Warwick, Pennsbury, Lenape Valley and other surrounding area teams.

Travel Baseball is played during the Spring, as is in-house baseball, except the games are on Friday nights and Sunday afternoons, usually starting the first week of April and ending in early June. When playing travel baseball your child must also play in-house baseball. Thus, if selected, your child would play on 2 teams in the Spring – his in-house team, and the travel team.

Playing travel baseball will require a commitment by not only the players, but also the parents. As mentioned above, the season runs concurrent with the in-house season. With that said, by mid April, the Travel team players will play Friday and Sunday, plus an in-house game on Saturday and one weekday. Additionally, expect to practice at least once a week, which will result in at least five days of baseball per week for your child. For players who are selected to a team, there is a travel fee in addition to the typical in-house fee to cover uniforms, umpires and other program costs. In addition, each player is expected to participate in their team’s weekly winter workouts (10 weeks) – which are held at All Star Baseball Academy in Warminster. The cost of the winter workouts will be in addition to the in-house and travel team registration fee.

WYB’s intention is to have 2 travel teams at each age-level (7-12). In previous years we’ve been very close to reaching this goal. If you are interested in playing travel baseball, try-outs will occur in early January, schedule below, and we invite you to take part. With enough interest, we should be able to field 2 teams at each age-level.

In order to try-out for travel baseball you MUST be registered for Spring baseball by January 1st.


WYB Try Out Dates/Times

– Wednesday, January 3rd 7-8:30pm
– Wednesday, January 10th 7-8:30pm

– Tuesday, January 2nd 7:30-9pm
– Monday, January 8th 7-8:30pm

– Tuesday, January 9th 7:30-9pm
– Sunday, January 14th 7-8:30pm

– Sunday, January 7th 7-8:30pm
– Sunday, January 14th 5:30-7pm

– Sunday, January 7th 5:30-7pm
– Saturday, January 13th 1:30-3pm

– Saturday, January 6th 1:30-3pm

Tryouts will be held at All Star Baseball Academy in Warminster, PA.